The Hazard’s Tournament: Sindio Sport and the Energy of Youth Football


The Hazard’s Tournament: Sindio Sport and the Energy of Youth Football

The Hazard’s Tournament is a football tournament for children in the Diablotins, Préminimes and Minimes categories.

The maestro Eden Hazard is no stranger to the game, but his tournament takes place every summer at the Poseur in Braine-le-Comte, Belgium, and offers football to around 2,500 players aged between 6 and 12 over the 3 days of competition!

As guests at this major event, the Sindio Sport delegation seized the opportunity to learn from Mr Thierry Hazard, the father of Eden Hazard, this great football enthusiast. It was an interesting exchange for Sindio Sport and its ambitions to leave its mark on local Belgian football and beyond.

The icing on the cake was that, throughout the event, the Sindio Sport ball was an attraction for sports fans and spectators alike.

This European Hazard’s Tournament of football clubs is a real spectacle! With nearly 170 teams representing dozens of clubs, the event promises to be electrifying.

But that’s not all: get ready for an incredible atmosphere, as almost 3,000 people are expected to cheer on their favourites! And let’s not forget the dedicated team of 120 organisers, volunteers and staff who make it all possible. To top it all off, the tournament is making waves in all the media, from newspapers to radio and television. It’s an exhilarating celebration of skill, passion and camaraderie that you simply can’t miss!


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