About Us

First Meeting

During a first meeting, we get to know each other to find the best way to collaborate.


Together we create the equipment that suits you. (logo, colors, materials, sizes, quantities, etc.).


SindioSport workshops produce your equipment according to your request, quickly, and according to our specifications.


You benefit from a delivery to the place of your choice with the presence of a member of our team.


About Us

Sindio Sport is a company specialized in sports textiles since 2015. The goal of Sindio Sport is to offer a wide variety of customization, from colour to size, and we are also available to help with your sports projects. Our teams will answer all your questions and provide you with quality equipment, to the delight of all athletes.


Customization = Identity

We all want to be able to express ourselves through our attire and feel represented. This motivated us to create a service that provides the ability for everyone to design and make their own clothing. Our level of customizability offers you maximum freedom to give your garment an individualistic touch and make it stand out from the rest. This is what makes our products truly one-of-a-kind and keeps our customers coming back for more.

Print on Demand

For most of our products, we have adopted a "Print on Demand" system of production to promote sustainability and reduce waste. This approach helps us efficiently manage our resources, by ensuring that we only create products when we receive the orders, thus eliminating unnecessary inventory.

This approach offers the benefit of customizing products and ordering even single pieces. It also facilitates stock management as you can easily repeat a print job whenever required. Consequently, your order won't arrive after a few days, but in a few weeks. Your forbearance will be rewarded when you receive the finished product!

Slow Fashion

Slow fashion, a popular trend nowadays, is a movement that advocates for environmental and social justice in the fashion industry.

It plays an essential role in the "slow movement," which advocates for the production of apparel and clothing that respects people, animals, and the environment. This stands in stark contrast to fast fashion and overproduction and overconsumption. The approach it takes provides valuable long-term benefits for both producers and consumers.


To ensure superior quality of our product, we have chosen only the finest fabrics, colors, tools, and processes. Additionally, we have a top-notch team of experts to help create what will be your new look and style.


Our team of talented designers is always ready to bring your concepts to life. Whatever the requirements, they are sure to meet them and create something extraordinary. We pride ourselves on meeting all of your needs with attention to detail, ensuring that each product we produce looks and performs as expected.


Our experienced team is always here to offer assistance with any issues or questions you have during the creation process. You can count on us to provide quick and helpful responses through our available communication channels.

From Europe To You

Quality work is a top priority for us and our motivated team will take your ideas to the next level. Boosted by passion, we place a lot of emphasis on the aesthetics and design of each of our products.‏

Our Project

At Sindio Sport, we have succeeded in raising our ambitions and reaching the regional and some distant markets within a few years. 

Similarly, we succeeded in creating a team of motivated and creative collaborators who were capable of managing advanced projects. 

Furthermore, we succeeded in creating an attractive brand identity from scratch. Our primary aim has always been to satisfy any and all customer needs daily. We are an ever-evolving textile innovation firm that strives to bridge the gap between a customer’s desired products and reality. We do this by combining sustainable quality with advanced technology, creativity in design, look, and style.

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